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Choice of Accommodation:

With ALIF TOURS OF INTERNATIONAL, you are certain to find the hotels to suit your needs. Separate rooms will be provided to all the families in double, triple and quad 6 bedrooms. Stay in double rooms in a star hotel throughout the Ziarat tour.

Choosing your places of Interest:

ALIF TOURS OF INTERNATIONAL believes that every part of your tour should be easy and enjoyable right from the moment you begin your tour. We offer you a choice of 5 countries Saudi, syria, iraq, jordan & palestine (masjid-e-aqsa) to perform Ziyarat. You may select all of them or whatever you desire.

Round the year Umrah and Ziarat Packages:

ALIF TOURS OF INTERNATIONAL takes the pride to offer you Umrah Tours more than 3 times in a year and Ziarat tours more than 2 times in a year. So plan your religious holiday, come to us and you will meet your requirements.

The Most Selective Cuisines:

To make you feel at home, we provide you delicious cuisine by cooks accompanying specially from India. Food is served in buffet with hot and fresh chapattis. We cater all taste of varieties in our food services.

Free Laundry Services:

ALIF TOURS OF INTERNATIONAL offers you free laundry services for Haji’s coming in any of our package tour. Your clothes will be washed, ironed and delivered back to you. Excluding 4 countries Ziarat tours. These facilities are only at Makkah & Madina.


The airlines for the tour would be direct flight of etihad, air arabia, gulf air, qatar airways, quwait airways, Saudi Airlines, Air India & jet Airlines. For the Ziyarat package, airline would be via flights as per availability.

The Early Booking Advantage

  • More choice
  • Instant confirmation
  • Lower prices
  • Get 80% back of the total amount on cancellation prior to 25 days of departure.
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